“I was fortunate enough to have been able to call Jason Carter a friend and more importantly a great leader who I took pride in following!!!! He was always one of the hardest working players on the team!! He showed a guy like me how important it was to do your very best in everything u do!!! Jason is the type of person who strives for excellence and he always brings the very best out of anyone he encounters!!! There’s no doubt in my mind anyone who is trained by Jason will maximize their full potential!!!”

Joseph %22Big Red%22 Bryant

%22Super Bowl Champion%22, NFL Defensive End, Seattle Seahawks

“Jason and I have a brotherhood that started in 2001. During that time I have had the opportunity to watch him grow as a friend, a teammate, outstanding football player and a phenomenal leader. Jason is one of the most driven people I have had the privilege to work alongside and words cannot begin to describe how much I have learned from Jason and how much I value him as a person. I have seen him time and time again train young people on a daily basis and I have watched him not only make them better athletes but instill in them the core values that help them become better people. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jason will truly be blessed in more ways than just athletics.”

Archie McDaniel

LB's Coach , Southern Methodist University (SMU)

“Prior to my son working with Jason my wife and I invested a lot of time and money into our son’s football training with no results. As a parent I have never seen a person that could motivate young men the way Jason does. He has a unique ability to connect with young athletes. My son was an average football player before working with Jason. The drills and workout sessions with Jason helped my son enhance his ability. Jason changed his entire work ethic and training preparation. After working with Jason my son was selected as a National All American. The skills he learned from Jason not only helped him make the team but also helped him be named a starter.”

Robert Washington Sr.


“Jason is an exceptional young man. He has taught our son a lot of skills that go way past the field. The one thing that really separates Jason from the other athletes is his determination for what he does. Jason not only inspires the children but he also mentors them to be better athletes. He shows them how to be more knowledgeable in areas they could never imagine. Jason has helped bring out this confidence level in my son that always existed but was hidden. He has taught him how to be a more responsible athlete on and off the field.”

Angel Washington


“Jason is a stand up guy. Very honest and upright. Compliments to his parents. I’m thankful to God for giving me a chance to be friends with my former foe (he went to Texas A&M, I went to Baylor). Funny how things work out, my enemy is now a friend. A good one at that. ┬áJason is a guy I would recommend to get into business with. He has a great reputation as being a man of his word, he’s honest, smart, crafty, and knows how to get best out people. Jason is a God fearing man. I don’t personally vouch for people, but Jason definitely gets my vote….even if it’s for the next president.”

CJ Wilson

NFL Defensive Back, Carolina Panthers

“Jason has a great ability to connect with each young man he is working with. A lot of former NFL players like to try their hand at coaching, but in my experience only a few have the skill set to really teach. Jason transfers his experience and knowledge in a way that even younger players can understand. His genuine care for his student’s success and well-being is evident in the way he communicates with them and consistently follows up on their progress.”

Chad Grier

Head Football Coach, Davidson Day School

“I played football with Jason during my career at the University of Texas A&M. Not only was Jason one of the leading receivers on the team he was also a team Captain. He did not get this level of respect from his teammates if it would not have been for his work ethic and dedication to getting better and learning the game. I have seen a lot of players and coaches during my time in college and the NFL and Jason is one of the hardest workers and most dedicated to perfecting his craft that I have encountered.”

Melvin Bullitt

NFL Safety, Indianapolis Colts

“Jason is like a big brother to me. He has helped me become a better football player. He has taught me how to maximize my talent. The most important thing Jason has taught me has been to put your family first and never give up on your teammates in the game no matter what happens.”

Robert Washington Jr.

4Star Running Back, %22Top Recruit%22 in 2017 Class

“In 15 years of coaching 1000’s of young athletes, I have never worked with a coach that comes close to Jason Carter in enthusiasm, passion or abilities to bring out the best in players. His coaching techniques and drive are proven to help players exceed their own expectations!”

John Paxton


“My favorite thing about Coach Jason is that he made me feel important. I worked as hard as I could for him because he earned my respect. That only seemed to make him work harder to help me.”

Will Grier

QB, Florida Gators

“Jason’s work ethic and commitment separated him from the normal NFL player. While Jason played with the Carolina Panthers his dedication to hard work and perseverance where respected by both Coaches and fellow players. After Jason tore his ACL he dedicated himself to his rehabilitation and had a successful return to playing.”

Ryan Vermillion

NFL Head Trainer, Carolina Panthers

“Jason Carter’s training got my son prepared for QB at the High School Level.”

Kristina Salazar


“My son will be playing QB in college thanks to Jason’s training and preparation.”

Ruben Pena